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FabrigasmLIVE-Video Replays (14 Videos)

FabrigasmLIVE-Video Replays (14 Videos)

SKU: fabrigasmlive-video-replays

Gain access to 14 video replays of the main sessions from our FabrigasmLIVE event produced May 1-2, 2021).   You will receive a link to the videos. via email.   

* * * * The videos are accessible only thru June 30, 2021!!! * * * *  

  • Welcome Message - Lisa Shepard Stewart
  • Passion to Profit - Creating A business Around African Fabrics -Jacqueline Shaw
  • Panel:  The Future of Indigenous Techniques ; Michelle Bishop, Jose Hendo, Gasali Adeyemo and Kwasi Asare
  • Demo:  Headwrap How-To's - Lecretia Akines
  • Transformations:  How Ankara Changed My Life - Wendy Kendrick
  • Demo: Aromatherapy Heart Heating Pad - Lecretia Akines
  • Mudcloth & Mimosas - Lisa Shepard Stewart
  • Modern Batik Art - david Kibuuka
  • Panel: "African Quilts" and the Politics of Patchwork - Lisa Woolfork, Dr. Myrah Brown Green and Sonie Joi Thompson Ruffin
  • Afro-Modern Quilting - Carol Lyles Shaw
  • Developing Your Voice as a Fiber Artist - William Daniels
  • The Fabrigasm Trunk Show - Lisa Shepard Stewart
  • The Finer Side of Crafting with African Fabrics - Willa Siao Pao

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